The Main Character

A “novice” who was named a Master candidate at the Security Organization for the Preservation of Humanity (Chaldea) solely to fill out ranks. In order to fix the madness of human history, they use the Heroic Spirit Summoning System Fate to summon Servants and search for the seven Holy Grails (Grand Order.)


A mysterious but kind girl who meets the main character at Chaldea. She calls the main character “Senpai.”


An adorable animal that the main character encounters along with Mash. Apparently, Fou has the freedom to wander all over Chaldea.

Olga Marie

The director of Chaldea and member of the Animusphere family, known for their prowess at Magecraft. Monitors the future, and tries to avoid the extinction of humanity in 2017.

Dr. Roman

A doctor working at Chaldea. In charge of monitoring the health of Master candidates.

Professor Lev

Friendly young man the protagonist meets at Chaldea, as well as the Mage who created the Near-Future Observation Lens: Sheba. He would sacrifice everything to protect humanity...