STORY Fate/Grand Order -Cosmos in the Lostbelt-

As all living beings inevitably compete, history is replete with winners and losers.
Our present is determined by history's victors...choices made correctly leading to the proper prosperity in due course.
This is called Proper Human History.
The incorrect choices and incorrect prosperities are history's losers.
Dead-end human histories that were deemed unnecessary and interrupted...discarded even from Parallel World Theory...
These are called Lostbelts.

Lostbelt No.1  The Grand Duchess of the Beast Nation
A.D. 1570?  Permafrost Empire, Anastasia

Lostbelt No.2  The Good Fellow of Everlasting Flame
1000? B.C.  The Eternal Icy Fire Century, Götterdämmerung

Lostbelt No.3  The Crimson Beauty under the Moon
210? B.C.  The Synchronized Intellect Nation, SIN

Lostbelt No.4  The Final Dark God
?? 11900? ??  Saṃsāra of Genesis and Terminus, Yugakshetra

Lostbelt No.5  The Day to Bring Down Gods
12000? B.C.  Ancident Ocean of the Dreadnought Gods, Atlantis
            Interstellar Mountainous City, Olympus

Lostbelt No.6  The Moment a Planet Is Born
A.D. 500    Round Table Domain 

Lostbelt No.7  
???? B.C.   Sea of Trees 

After the Incineration of Humanity, an unprecedented quest for the Holy Grail begins...