STORY Fate/Grand Order -Epic of Remnant-

A journey beyond the horizon at the expense of all human history.
The grand plot devised by the one who claimed to be the King of Mages...
The Regression Canal/Light Year Genesis ended in failure.

Thanks to your efforts, the case of the Incineration of Humanity has been closed. You overcame all your trials, and safeguarded your ordinary lives. Without a doubt, humanity will carry on into the future.

However, you have overlooked one crucial detail.
These are some little riddles to prepare you for your next big case.

A few fragments, or rather signs for the great battle that's yet to come.

Pseudo-Singularity I Quarantined Territory of Malice, Shinjuku. Shinjuku Phantom Incident
Pseudo-Singularity II Subterranean World of Folklore, Agartha. Women of Agartha
Pseudo-Singularity III The Stage of Carnage, Shimousa. Seven Duels of Swordmasters
Pseudo-Singularity IV The Forbidden Advent Garden, Salem. Heretical Salem

Four fragments full of decadence and love, prejudice and lust.
Rejoice. The myth of the pillars of the Temple shall be revived here.