Campaign Reached Over 50,000 Likes!

The Master Recruitment Campaign has reached 50,000 Likes! Thank you all for participating in this campaign.
As a token of our gratitude, we are giving away a big prize.

A "★4 Servant" from the following 10 selectable Servants for everyone!

Voucher Distribution Period:
07-06 4:00 - 07-27 3:59 UTC
* Those who haven't had the voucher can obtain it by logging in after July 19th at 4:00 hours UTC.

Voucher Exchange Period:
07-06 4:00 - 08-03 3:59 UTC
* extended the period

Everyone who played "Fate/Grand Order" during 07-06 4:00 - 07-20 3:59 UTC

Selectable Servants:
Emiya, Marie Antoinette, Siegfried, Chevalier d'Éon, Heracles, Stheno, Carmilla, Tamamo Cat, Elisabeth Báthory, Martha.

How to Claim:
You will receive a "Master Recruitment Campaign Gift Voucher" in your Present Box on your initial login between 2017-07-06 4:00 - 2017-07-27 3:59 UTC.
Once you claim the "Master Recruitment Campaign Gift Voucher" from the Present Box, you can exchange the voucher at Da Vinci's Workshop's "Master Recruitment Campaign Exchange" for 1 of the 10 Selectable Servants.
* The exchanged Servant will be sent to your Present Box.
* Once exchanged, the "Master Recruitment Campaign Gift Voucher" will disappear.
* If left unexchanged, the "Master Recruitment Campaign Gift Voucher" will disappear once the campaign has ended.

Fierce battles and challenging enemies await during Grand Order!
Choose a partner who can stand by you and overcome all the challenges.

Please check below for the details of each Selectable Servant.