4th Anniversary Campaign

FGO 2021 ˜4th Anniversary˜ Lostbelt Pickup Summon (Daily)

Limited Time Servant

Leonardo da Vinci (Rider)


An artificial Heroic Spirit molded by Da Vinci.
She's just a ball of energy and quite precocious!
She is an innocent and beautiful hybrid Servant, who zooms through the battlefield on roller skates and utilizes her Ultimo Manipulator from her Universal Bag to fight.

"Huh? So who exactly am I, you ask?
Obviously, the universal genius Leonardo da Vinci had a clone of herself ready in the case of a second Grand Order, who is now the world's most beautiful and capable secretary-type who supports and helps Chaldea's Master...
I'm everyone's favorite girl, Da Vinci!"

Limited Time Craft Essences

  • Craft Essence: A Walk in the Park
  • Craft Essence: Morning Glory
  • Craft Essence: Sunday Dinner

4th Anniversary Campaign

4th Anniversary Ten Part Campaign FGO 2021 ~4th Anniversary~ Guaranteed Summon FGO 2021 ~4th Anniversary~ Lostbelt Pickup Summon (Daily)