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Fate/Grand Order

Showa Kishin Project: GUDAGUDA Ryouma's Narrow Escape! The Mystery of the Disappearing Nobbu Head

Event Period: 2023-11-13 ~ 11-26 19:59 PDT

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Masters who have fulfilled the following conditions may participate. - Clear Part 2 Chapter 5.5 "Naraka Mandala, Heian-kyo - Thunderous Flash"


The time of restoration comes once more! As the distant glittering star twinkles in the sky, a storm of upheaval brews in a place called SAITAMA. What could the light, seen by a man in a desperate life-or-death struggle, possibly mean? And what is behind the disappearing Nobbu head!? The Showa Kishin Project is about to begin!

Event Summary
Complete Detective Missions as you search for Nobbu's missing head!

Progress in the story to officially add ★4 (SR) Mysterious Ranmaru X  to your roster!

Mysterious Ranmaru X

The long wait is over, my Lord! "Mysterious Ranmaru X" has arrived from across the galaxy!

Complete missions to earn various rewards!

Okada Izo's Spiritron Dress Wardrobe Key will become available in Event Item Exchange!

Available in Saint Quartz Summon for a Limited Time!

Okada Izo Awesome Dapper Suit R★★★ Assassin

Izumo-no-Okuni Pickup Summon

Izumo-no-Okuni Caster SSR★★★★★

The kabuki dance of Izumo-no-Okuni, universally acknowledged phantom hunter, will seal every phantom and illusion in the world!

Pickup 2 Summon

Sakamoto Ryouma Lancer SSR★★★★★

Transcending the ages, a new dragon awakens.

Timeline of GUDAGUDA Events

November 2017


March 2019

GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration

GUDAGUDA IS BACK! A trail of GUDAGUDA Particles has led you to late Edo-period Kyoto, where the winds of change are blowing. A mysterious army of Mini Nobus has overrun the city, and the storm of GUDAGUDA Restoration rages! Once again, you must band together to fight as one... At least, that was the idea!

June 2020

GUDAGUDA Legend of the Imperial Capital Grail - Far East Demonic Front 1945

A peculiar Singularity has been observed in the year 1945, located in the Far East. A new legend of the Holy Grail is woven after an encounter with a mysterious Heroic Spirit. With the Imperial Capital mired in...shenanigans, a new Holy Grail War begins! But what is it that now approaches this land: A god, or a demon...?

June 2021

All-Out Nobunaga Assault GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji 2021

You are suddenly hurled into the Warring States period, a time when rival lords fought for control of Japan. Okay, that's not really anything new, but it seems like things are a little different from what you remember from the history books... The epic, unprecedented, and completely ridiculous battle...begins!

September 2022

Super Ancient Shinsengumi History GUDAGUDA Yamataikoku 2022

The breath of the ancients echoes from far beyond time itself. The shining haniwa clay figures guide us to the Yamataikoku, a civilization ruled by the legendary queen Himiko. A foreboding power casts a stagnant shadow over the land...and what is this mysterious Dark Shinsengumi? The super ancient GUDAGUDA great haniwa war begins now!

November 2023

Showa Kishin Project GUDAGUDA Ryouma's Narrow Escape! The Mystery of the Disappearing Nobbu Head


  • Showa Kishin Project GUDAGUDA Ryouma's Narrow Escape! The Mystery of the Disappearing Nobbu Head
  • GUDAGUDA Ryouma's Narrow Escape! Izumo-no-Okuni Pickup Summon
  • GUDAGUDA Ryouma's Narrow Escape! Pickup 2 Summon
  • Story Clear Support Campaign Part 1
  • Story Clear Support Campaign Part 2