Fate/GUDAGUDA Order Final Honnoji, Part 2

Fate/GUDAGUDA Order Final Honnoji

Long Nobbu?:: Fuhahaha! I grew to match my new moniker.... H-hey wait, that's stupid!
Oki-ta: Unbelievable...even her voice got all sexy...
Bucket: Hyahahaha! Long time no see, Great Lord! Let's chop off some heads while we're here!
God of War!: What do you mean, "while we're here"? By the way, I'll have you to know that I spent a good hour keeping myself locked up inside Kasugayama Castle wondering why I'm not a ☆5...
Cycling Girl: Eh? Is this the Developers' version of charity?
Long Nobbu: Uh, that's not a good look!
Oki-ta: Whoa, that makes Nobbu sound like some kind of bigshot!

GUDAGUDA Order Final Honnoji, Part 2 Characters