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Episode 8 ● Effective AP Management
Manga by: Riyo

Episode 8

“AP management is also critical to this game. You use your AP as you continue with your quests. AP regenerates over time, but you can also replenish it with Saint Quartz or by gaining a Master level. The higher you are in Master Level, the more AP you can retain, so it’s best to level up as a Master… Anyways, what were you saying earlier?

Olga Marie

Just move forward, and you’ll understand. Soon.


Th-That’s not an answer!

Olga Marie

"Even Berserkers Can Understand!"
Mafia Kajita’s FGO Lessons! Part 8

Let’s work out your muscles and AP!

Hello there, this is Mafia Kajita’s “Even Berserkers Can Understand!” Where we will kind of explain the game’s more complicated aspects. Episode 8 will cover everything about AP.

AP is used to play through quests in FGO. It is essentially your “stamina ” in the game. Each quest uses a specific amount of AP and harder quests will use up more AP. You regain 1 AP every 5 minutes, while Saint Quartz and Golden Fruits can be used to replenish AP right away.

If you use an item to replenish, your leftover AP will rollover. For example, if your max AP is 125 and you use an item to replenish at 5 AP, you will end up with 130 AP. This feature is much appreciated when you level after grinding the same quest multiple times.

Your max AP increases as you go up in Master Levels, but unlike Servants that grow with Experience cards, Masters need to complete quests to gain experience. There’s no point in rushing, so just go through the main story and play consistently… NOT.

Train hard, young ones. This is just my personal advice, but really train hard when it comes to your Master Level. Because having a higher Master Level also means being able to retain more AP and forming parties of higher costs, which also means efficient gameplay…or more “fun.”
Level up in Master Level earlier on in the game, so that you can focus on the fun aspects of the game, such as raising your Servants and just being able to play more. The more AP you can retain, the more you benefit from item replenishment.

Huh? Normal quests not enough for you? No problem! We have the perfect training spot for you, Berserkers! That is the Blazing Forest that appears after completing the Danger Zone in Fuyuki City Unknown Coordinates X-G. The quest is such a deal and costs only 15 AP points, and skeletons are your only enemies and gives you 4552 Experience points, so you should be training here for the rest of the week!

…But, you just have to defeat a super strong Shadow Berserker in the Danger Zone. It will never appear again once you defeat it, so use your Command Spells, Saint Quartz, and everything you got to push through the enemy.

▲Blazing Forest is a really good spot to increase your Master Level, but still manage your AP carefully.

In the next episode “Part 9, Deepen Your Bond Levels with Your Servants,” we will talk about the “bonds” between you and your Servants. I, myself, will be proposing to the Director when she returns from Fuyuki…

[Original Article Written By: Mafia Kajita]


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