Account Deletion Request

About Account Deletion
Notes on Account Deletion
Deleting your account means you will no longer be able to play the game with that account. You will not be able to restore the account nor request refunds for Saint Quartz.
Contact Via E-mail
We will reply only to the e-mail address you provide for contact purposes. Please check your Spam or promotional folders, or make sure you can receive mail from the “” domain to ensure you receive updates and replies. If an e-mail address has two or more consecutive periods (..) or a period right before the @ mark, you may not be able to receive or reply to the e-mail, so please use a different e-mail address.
How To Delete an Account
If you wish to delete your account, tap “Delete Account” from the Help menu in My Room and follow the instructions to issue an Account Deletion Password. After the account deletion password is issued, open the application form which appears on the title screen and fill in all necessary information to begin the process.
If the Application Is Uninstalled and the Deletion Password Is Unknown
If the app was already uninstalled or if you do not remember your Deletion Password, please e-mail us via the “Account Deletion Request” link at the bottom of this page. Your identity and account will need to be verified. Please indicate in the “Account Deletion Password” field that you do not know your Account Deletion Password because you have already uninstalled the application.