Fate/GUDAGUDA Order, Extra4-Scáthach Gacha!?

Extra4-Scáthach Gacha!?

Nobbu: GUDAGUDA Honnoji got extended! Annnnd theeeen, Shishou Gacha and GUDA-O Gacha will exist together for a short time!
Oki-ta: The invincible Okita-san just got ended.
Cycling Girl: I am actually really surprised they put Shishou in the game... No, seriously.
Nobbu: I can't, not against Shishou (Class Affinity wise)
Oki-ta: I...just can't win (breast size wise)
Cycling Girl: In terms of GUDA-O I might not see you all anymore, but good work on the event!
Oki-ta & Nobbu: Phew... I am tired LOL Now this is the end!
Head of the Family: Enough about that. Come on, time to go back.
Oki-ta & Nobbu: Wait, why are you here?

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