Fate/GUDAGUDA Order GUDAGUDA Order Restoration 2

Fate/GUDAGUDA Order  GUDAGUDA Order Restoration 2

Nobbu:Coming soon... More like coming now! Come on, this always happens too abruptly!
Berserker Yodo:What a devilish move... No, actually, that sounds like something His Highness would think of! But Chacha's happy that it started so quickly, like one, two...cha-cha-cha! Get it? GET IT!? Oh, for all of my friends down there: join the event and summon the fabulously cute Chacha, okay!?
Okita:And it really is you, Hijikata! What's with your getup!?
Hijji:Oh hey, Okita. Here, take this card.
Okita:A credit card!? Using the troops' funds for a purchase like that...I'd have to commit seppuku!?

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