5th-Anniversary Campaign!

5th Anniversary
Pickup Summon

Limited Time Servant

SSR★★★★★ - Her magecraft is like a refreshing breeze. The novice mage travelling across Britain makes a gallant entry for the fifth anniversary! - Max ATK 10546 - Max HP 14406

The child of prophecy, who was chosen along with the Staff of Selection. She appears a touch younger, looking as she did at the halfway point, right in the middle of her journey to reach Camelot.

"Yay, it's finally my turn to shine! Caster Altria will do the very best she can!"

5th Anniversary Special Movie

Limited Time Craft Essences

  • Celebrate Memories - Craft Essence (ATK +250,HP +400)
  • Brainstorming - Craft Essence (ATK +250,HP 0)
  • Filler Flowers - Craft Essence (ATK 0,HP +300)