Spiritron Dresses &
Acquisition Quests Added for 5 Servants!

  • Arjuna - Spiritron Dress - Bequeathed Travelig Clothes
  • Leonardo da Vinci(Rider) - Spiritron Dress - Active Sailor
  • Okada Izo - Spiritron Dress - Absolutely Cool Haori and Hakama
  • Nero Claudius(Saber) - Spiritron Dress - Venus's Silk
  • Paul Bunyan (Berserker of Learning with Manga) - Spiritron Dress - Mad Bunny

Introducing new Spiritron Dresses for the following Servants to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of "Fate/Grand Order"!

★5 (SSR) Arjuna
★5 (SSR) Leonardo da Vinci (Rider)
★4 (SR) Nero Claudius (Saber)
★3 (R) Okada Izo
★1 (C) Paul Bunyan (Berserker of Learning Through Manga)

Clear limited time Spiritron Dress Wardrobe Key Acquisition Quests to collect Spiritron Dress Wardrobe Keys! You will also receive Summon Ticket x1 for completing a Spiritron Dress Wardrobe Key Acquisition Quest.

Spiritron Dress Wardrobe Key Quest Period:
2022-07-04 ~ 07-10 20:59 PDT

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