5th-Anniversary Campaign!

5th Anniversary
10 Part Campaign

  • 1

    Special Consecutive Login Bonus

    • DAY1 10,000,000QP
    • DAY2 100,000 Friend Points
    • DAY3 Blaze of Wisdom ALL★4 (SR) x10
    • DAY4 Golden Fruit x10
    • DAY5 Hero Crystal: Sun Fou ALL★3 (ATK) x10
    • DAY6 Hero Crystal: Star Fou ALL★3 (HP) x10
    • DAY7 Summon Ticket x 10

    Special Total Login Bonus

    • 1 Mana Prisms x200
    • 2 Hero Crystal: Meteor Fou ALL★4 (HP) x1
    • 3 Hero Crystal: Corona Fou ALL★4 (ATK) x1
    • 4 Rare Prism x1
  • 2

    All Daily Quests' AP Costs 1/2 &
    All Days' "Ember Gathering" and "Training Grounds" Quests Unlocked! (Ltd. Time)

  • 3

    5x Chance of Super & Great Success for Enhancement! (Ltd. Time)

  • 4

    Command Code Inventory Expanded & Servant & Craft Essence Second Archive Slots Added!

  • 5

    Daily Missions & New Extra Missions Added to Master Missions!

    Mana Prisms, Saint QuartzMasters can now earn up to 30 Mana Prisms by completing 3 quests (all quests count) every day through "Daily Missions".

    New Missions will be added to Master Missions (Extra Missions).
    Complete all the Missions to earn a maximum of 130 Saint Quartz.

  • 6

    Friend Slots Inreased by 5 & Ltd. Time [5th Anniversary] Master Missions Added!

    Summon Ticket, Mana PrismsWe're expanding the "Friend Slots" for all Masters, regardless of level, by 5.
    Clear all missions to earn Summon Ticket x3 and Mana Prisms x100!

  • 7

    Command Codes can be Removed or Replaced Without Code Removers!

  • 8

    "Servant Rank Up Quest:
    Part 12 - Special Anniversary Edition"!

  • 9

    Main Quest Progress Rewards Added & AP Costs 1/2 Through
    Part 2 Chapter 5

    Saint Quartz FragmentWe will now reward 1 Saint Quartz Fragment as progress rewards for the Main Quest as you progress through a mission.
    Clear the already released Main Quests to receive Saint Quartz Fragment x 1046, which can be combined into a total of 149 Saint Quartz!

  • 10

    "Guaranteed Summon" Available for
    15 Paid Saint Quartz!

    5th Anniversary
                Guaranteed Summon (Debut Year)